This information courtesy of Rick Moya's CD Page.  (cover images scanned by me) -- These books are OUT OF PRINT and extremely hard to find.  Your best bet is to check with Ebay and/or online bookstores. There have been several books written about California Dreams by author Chelsea Brooks. All of the books are licensed to NBC unless otherwise stated. There are a few nonfiction books about the show itself, and nine fiction stories.  The Following synopses are courtesy of Rick's colleague

California Dreams - Season SixFrom "Also, quite a few years ago, a group of fans put together what was called "California Dreams - Season Six, The College Years".  It was a Fan-Fic created by that group and it was really good.  It took all of the characters from all seasons and put them into college together.  I loved reading it but it was only available to read online. 
I took the original stories, cleaned them up and formatted them for book production and then created a book for my own enjoyment.  I also had a few friends that wanted a copy so I made it available for order.  It is now available to everyone at and if the original writers can get in contact with me, I have a free copy to send to you."

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#1: Playing For Keeps

Excitement is in the air. The Redondo Beach Club bash is just around the corner and  California Dreams hopes to play at it. But when rival band Solar Energy is chosen to play instead  of the Dreams, Matt, Jenny, and the rest of  the band is heartbroken. Things go from bad to worse when Jenny falls for the gorgeous hunk Sean Flynn, Solar Energy's lead singer. Meanwhile, Sly is convinced that all the Dreams need is a professionally recorded  demo tape. So he pulls some big strings and lands them a real live recoding studio.



#2: Perfect Harmony

Romance is everywhere! Pacific Coast High's school newspaper just started a personals column, and everyone is looking for the perfect date! But while all his friends are in search of love, Matt's love life is in trouble. Randi Jo is tired of playing second string to the band, and when an adorable new DJ named Chloe comes into Matt's life, things get too hot to handle. Meanwhile, Jenny spotted Sean in a red Corvette with a gorgeous girl, and he stood her up on their date last week.





#3: Who Can You Trust?

When Sly tells California Dreams he's booked them recording time with a big  time studio, they are thrilled. But  when the studio turns out to be small time BBG Records, the Dreams aren't sure if Sly's plan is the ticket to their success. Meanwhile, Tiffani's fallen head over heels for dreamy Drew Wylde. But when Drew auditions as the newest member of California Dreams, watch out--Jenny's fallen for him too.







#4: Beauty and the Blues

Romance has abandoned PCH. First of all, Tony thinks he's met the woman of  his dreams. She drives a Porsche, carries a platinum credit card, and has the body of a supermodel. But what starts off as great chemistry between a rock-n-roller and a prepster soon turns into a full scale atomic blast! Is she really from his dreams?  Meanwhile, Tiffani's become Doctor Heart, Advisor to the Lovelorn, for the school paper. But instead of  bringing people together, her advice keeps tearing them apart.






#5: Power of Love   

PCH is about to experience the most rockin' homecoming ever! Not only will the entire weekend be filled with guaranteed nonstop fun, but Eric Everson, the hottest drummer around and a PCH alumnus, will be crowned honorary king. And who will be his queen? None other than Tiffani. Sly know what this means: the Dreams' big chance to make it big. Once Eric is under Tiffani's spell and has heard the band play at the homecoming beach dance, he's sure to want to help them step into the limelight.  




#6: The Dream Team

PCH's triathlon is coming up, and it's the biggest social event of the summer. Sly wants the Dreams to race for publicity reasons...but when he suggests that Jenny and Tiffani just stand on the sidelines in bikinis, watch out. Determined to win the triathlon themselves, the girls begin Operation Date 'Til You Drop to tire the guys out before the race. But things really get out of hand when Jake finally admits he's crazy about Jenny.





#7: Don't Forget To Write

With Jenny away in France, Jake's eyes have been roving-- and they have landed on Tiffani. Their new romance could split best friends forever, not to mention what it could do to Jake and Jenny's relationship. But things get even more out of control when Tiffani's old flame lands in town. Talk about bad timing! Meanwhile, exchange student Samantha Woo's keyboard sounds are just what the Dreams need. And Sam might just be the key to clinching a record contract with a Hong Kong billionaire. Does Sly have what it takes to pull it off?




#8: A California Night's Dream

All the world's a stage, and Matt and Sam are two of its coolest players. Especially when they land lead roles in the drama club's modern version of Shakespeare. But when they start rehearsing, the sparks start flying, making Sly wonder if they still have time to play in the band.  Meanwhile, Sam's sexy new perfume seems to be making the Dreams fall in love--with all the wrong people. First Matt and Sam fall for each other, and then Sly and Randi Jo. This can't be for real!






#9: Dreamers and Schemers

It's time for the south coast arts festival. And who's one of the top contenders to play at this prize gig? California Dreams, of course! Sly, manager extraordinaire, is absolutely certain that he can land this one without any problem. So what if every band within a hundred miles is auditioning? To Sly, they're just a little healthy competition. No threat.   But then Sly meets Markie Malone, an absolute knockout. All of a sudden he's having a hard time concentrating on the arts festival. This girl's got him more than just a little distracted.  






California Dreams: Behind the Scenes

This book examines the behind the scenes aspects which go into production of the NBC television sitcom "California Dreams". Contains cast bios, production notes and photographs, details about the songs used in the show and every and all aspects of what goes into producing California Dreams.









The Totally Cool California Dreams Scrapbook

The Totally Cool California Dreams Scrapbook is your ticket to a rockin' good time with a truly great group - the guys and gals of NBC-TV's warm and sunny series California Dreams.  This super rad book is jammin' with fantastic color photos of this mega-popular band of characters.  Flip through the fun-filled pages and flash back with the gang to many memorable high-spirited adventures on stage - and off.




Meet the Stars of Saved by the Bell and California Dreams
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Get two books in one - about two of TV's hottest shows!
Go behind the scenes at Saved by the Bell and get up close and personal with all of the stars.  Meet the cool musical cast of California Dreams and find out how these talented teens will rock their way into your hearts and homes!  Check out fab photos, cool quotes, and get the latest gossip as this book tells all!


Meet the Stars of California Dreams

What could be cooler than waking up to music and laughter? That's what you get with California Dreams, TV's most musical half hour comedy on Saturday morning.  Five tuneful teens - Matt, Tiffani, Jake, and Samantha - and their sneaky young manager Sly, crank out music about friendship, family, school, dating, and god clean fun in the California sun.