Guitar Tabs

Very special thanks to my friend for these guitar tabs! I hope you guys enjoy them.  Note from Fairdy: Hi my name's Fairdy S. and I play the guitar!  I know some songs from C.D. that I have tab or at least the chords!  Mel will be puttin' a new section on Guitar Tabs so be checkin' that out! In the mean while, if anyone who knows to play the guitar and know some Dreams songs please tell me by e-mailing me  

Thankx a lot for your time! .......Fairdy Sukirno!

Season 1
California Dreams Theme
If You Lean On Me 
Love Is Not Like This

Welcome To The Low Road
Everybody's Got Someone

Season 4
Whenever I Think Of You
Too Much To Dream
Too Much To Dream (#2)
(Tabbed by Neil)
Someone To Hold Onto (Tabbed by Eric)
Tough Love 
Season 2
She's Not You
Vote For Jake
Vote For Jake (Another Tabs Version)
The Way We Are (Tabbed by Eric)
It Must Be Love | Guitar Solo
(Song Tabbed by Mike; Guitar Solo sent in by Philip)
Season 5
So Glad I Was There

Season 3
Lets Spend Some Time Together


Corrections etc, e-mail
2nd Version of "Vote For Jake" tabbed by
"Someone To Hold Onto" and "The Way We Are" tabbed by
"Welcome To The Low Road" tabbed by Mike Ellis.
"Everybody's Got Someone" tabbed by Danny Rockwell, III.
"California Dreams Theme" tabbed by
"It Must Be Love" tabbed by Mike Ellis.
"Too Much To Dream" (#2) tabbed by