Castles On Quicksand
Well, I could love you, baby
But it's a fact
When I get too close
You pull right back
Your hands get cold and your eyes get sad
I guess somebody must have hurt you real bad

With a nervous laugh
I see you try
To cover the hurt
Try to justify
You better let go real soon, baby


You can't build castles on quicksand
You can't build bridges on thin air
You can't paper over the cracks 
of a broken heart
And pretend it's not there

(Oh no)
You gotta let the storm break baby
You gotta let the rain fall all around
And when the tears run dry
Baby, then you can try
To start all over again
(Start all over again)

Well, I could try to push
I could try to shove
There's a great big wall
In the way of love
It's time to face the facts and purge your pain
Get those tracks back under your train

I see you run
I see you hide
You're trying to cover
What you're feeling inside
Well, I know you like me, baby



(guitar solo)