Everybody Got's Someone

Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like
everyone's in love but me
Now that you're not here
Lately I wonder what I've said or done
so wrong to make you leave
I'm drowning in my tears

All my friends walking hand in hand
Oh, it makes it tough
I can't understand why it's not us
I can't believe we're not in love
Not in love


Everybody's got someone
Everybody's got someone
Everybody's got someone but me

I see the clock up on the wall
And wonder where you are tonight
And wonder who you're with
I think about the times we had
I want you now with all my might
If I could have one wish

Now it seems I'm the only one
With no one to care
It hurts so bad it's just not fair
To leave me hanging in the air
In the air


And I've got to find a way
To bring you back to me again someday
And you'll never go away

(guitar solo)