One World
One world
We're living in one world

Here we are
Deep in space
Third stone from the sun
No one soul
Is out of place
The same heart beats in everyone

Together we sail
For points unknown
Time is on our side
A terrible wonderful time
To be alive

One world
Sacred ground
Feel it turning
Turning around

One world
Promised land
When you understand
We're living in one world

One man
Out on the streets
Searching for a home
We are all family
No one here
Should ever be alone

Close your eyes
And open your mind
Set your spirit free
In all of its glory
What will your story be

Tell me



One world
Walls come down

We can turn it
Turn it around
One world
Wake up and see
We're living in one world

(guitar solo)

It's not about the white thing
It's about the right thing
Sisters and brothers
Soul has no color
Every one of us is one
Underneath the sun
We have begun telling everyone about love
Put away the loaded gun
Use imagination
We are one nation
Every boy and every girl
Come on everybody
We are one world