I can see it with my own two eyes
Ain't no consolation for your ego 
when a love affair dies
She gives back the keys to your heart & then
You spend the night where the memories end


I know I'm gonna have to go outside
Face everyone without her
Show the world I'm fine
But every time I see the girl
I just break down and cry


The weatherman says it's clear today
But I ain't going out no way
It's gonna be rain
The water that's pouring from the skies
Is starting to fill my eyes
It's gonna be rain
And I ain't going out today


All I got left is a photograph
Of me and her hanging with the crew
You can see her laughter there
They were playing our favorite song
But what good is that when the girl is gone


Gone is such a final thing to say
Picture me without her
And her with someone else
I say it doesn't tear me up
But I'm lying to myself


And I ain't going out
What's the use in trying
(There's no way to)
Change the situation
I just know I'm dying
(Since you've gone away)
The tears that fall like rain
Can't wash away the pain

(guitar solo)