Episode Guide | Season 1
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1. "The First Gig"
One of Matt's friends gives the band their first gig for her 16th birthday party, but Matt and Jenny's parents have other plans for the family when they make reservations for the Grand Canyon on the same day.




2. "Dream Man"
When Jenny and Tiffani decide to have a slumber party, Sly thinks this is his chance to find out what kind of guy Jenny likes. Sly hides under her bed and takes notes, and then takes measures to become him.

3. "Battle of the Bands"
The California Dreams are in a band contest and Sly suggests the only way to win is to date Angela, the girl with the deciding vote.






4. "Friends First"
Jenny and Tiffani fight over the same guy, and their friendship and the band is put on the line.






5. "Beat Of His Own Drum"
Tony decides to quit the band in favor for football to make his father proud of him.






6. "This Time"
Jenny starts to date her ex-boyfriend even though Matt points out why the broke up in the first place, and that he hasn't changed.






7. "They Shoot Videos, don't They?"
Matt is so bummed out about breaking up with Randi Jo, that he writes a song about her, not knowing that Sly is video taping it to enter it in a contest.





8. "Where's Dennis?"
After Matt makes fun of Dennis a party they were throwing, Dennis runs away, leaving the band to look for him before their parents come home.






9. "Mother and Child Reunion"
Tiffani's mother returns after leaving her and her father 10 years ago and tries to make up for lost time, but Tiffani hasn't forgiven her for leaving.





10. "Double Date"
Matt books the Dreams to play at a wedding for Randi Jo's sister, but Sly and Tony also book the Dreams to play a luau at Sharkey's for the same night. They try to figure out how to play both gigs without blowing it.





11. "Guess Who's Coming To Brunch"
Tony starts to date Kimberly, who is white, and her father's prejudice makes him bribe Tony with an amp not to date her.






12. "Its A Guy Thing"
Jenny and Tiffani decide to play a joke on Tony and Sly and teach them a lesson when Jenny becomes "Monique" the new foreign exchange student.





13. "Romancing the Tube"
After Tiffani breaks up with a guy, she begins to spent some time with Sly by teaching him how to surf, and find out there is an attraction between them.