Episode Guide | Season 2
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1. "Jake's Song"
Matt and the gang are scared of the new guy, Jake Sommers, until he shows Matt what he's really like and that he would like to join the band.





2. "Dirty Dog Days"
When the guys find an old radio transmitter, they make a band called "The Dirty Dogs" only to find out that it actually went on the air and that the whole school loves them.





3. "Ciao, Jenny"
When Jenny has a shot to go to Rome for her singing, Jake needs to find a way to make her stay, now that he likes her. Sly suggests hypnosis for her to blow the audition, but Jake has second thoughts.




4. "Wooing Woo"
Jake, Tony, Matt and Sly make a bet on who can kiss Samantha Woo, the new foreign exchange student.






5. "Sleazy Rider"
When Jake trusts Matt with his bike, Sly takes it for a spin and wrecks the bike and lands Tony in the hospital.






6. "Can't Buy Me Love"
When the school has a "Servants Auction" to raise money, Sly bids on Julie, a popular girl in school who Sly wants to like him.





7. "Vote of Confidence"
When Jake's brother, Kyle, comes to town for a visit, Jake tries to impress him by running for student body president of PCH.





8. "21 Jake Street"
Sly makes plans to get the band fake IDs and steals Jake's new girlfriend, Michelle, who is really an undercover cop.






9. "Save The Shark"
When Matt goes out with Katie, he finds out that her father is a land developer and plans to tear down Sharkey's.






10. "The Sly Who Came To Dinner"
Sly gets Matt to let him stay over so he can put the moves on Sam while Tiffani has a secret Admirer.






11. "The Year of the Woo"
Sam uses her "lucky money" to pay to fix the van, but now she can't get home for the Chinese New Year.






12. "Rebel Without a Clue"
Sly decides to actually study for his History test, but when he aces it, his teacher thinks he cheated.






13. "Surfboards and Cycles"
Tiffani takes Auto Shop to prove to Jake that girls can do anything guys can do, and they fall for each other in the process.





14. "A Question of Math"
Mid-terms are causing stress for the Dreams and are taking tips from Matt to chill out, while Sam is tutoring a football player who's just pretending to like her so he get out of paying for the lesson.





15. "Bwa-Ha-Ha means I Love You"
Jake takes a job at "Manic Music" to buy something special for his and Tiffani's anniversary, but Tiffani thinks Jake's cheating on her.





16. "High Plains Dreamer"
When Tony takes a girl to a western movie, he meets her ex-boyfriend, passes out, and dreams that the gang is actually in the movie.





17. "Schoolhouse Rock"
The gang gets an audition for Sting, but Jake and Tiffani have to get out of detention first. They try to find a way not to miss it.





18. "Indecent Promposal"
Jake doesn't want to go to the prom, so he allows another guy to take Tiffani as a favor (also to get a gig on Catalina for the summer) but it backfires when he sees them kissing.