Episode Guide | Season 3
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1. "The Unforgiven"
After Matt moves away, Sam and the band move to Lorena's. Then to replace Matt, Sly suggests his cousin Mark. The gang laugh until they hear him play. They ask him to join but he has stage freight because Sly made fun of him when he played Carnegie Hall.



2. "Follow Your Dreams"
When the gang takes an aptitude test, Jake finds his career should be a florist (not a musician) and Sly copies Lorena's aptitude test to have more in common with her and try to score a date.




3. "Tiffani's Gold"
Tiffani is trying out for the volleyball team.  But to be the best, she has to be stronger and better at her game.  She suggests to Sly that is she uses steroids, she'd be strong, and faster.  But the game realizes that she's addicted to them.






4. "Heal the Bay"
Tony doesn't think about the environment much, until he has a bad dream about it destroying his favorite spot, Paradise Cove. He then becomes obsessed with trying to save the Earth.





5. "Budget Cuts"
When Lorena finally finds an after-school activity that she likes, the school board decides to close the radio station down due to cutting costs, and takes Jake's advice to keep it open.





6. "Blind Dates"
Sly is looking for a date for the Romance Dance. When he meets a girl on "Comp-U-Chat" a computer chat program, he thinks she's perfect until he finds out that she's blind.





7. "Junior Achievements"
For a class project, the gang decides to sell Sam's grandmothers cold remedy, but when they compromise the recipe to save money, Sam must decide if making money or respecting her Grandmother's honor is more important.




8. "The Treasure of PCH"
To prove that success with ruin the band's friendship, Jake and Lorena come up with a plan to make them think their rich and to see if their friendship will survive.




9. "The Princess and the Yeti"
When the gang visits Lorena's father's ski lodge they find out that a Yeti is scaring away all the guests.






10.  "We'll Always Have Aspen"
Mark runs into his old girlfriend, Jenny Stevens, but her plans call for her attention in skiing for the Olympics than on her and Mark getting back together.





11. "Trust Me"
Mark is staying at Lorena's place so he and Jake can write a song together, but a misunderstanding leads Mark to kiss Lorena and has to find a way to tell Jake without getting killed.




12. "The Fashion Man"
Tired of being out of the limelight, Sly joins a modeling academy to get some attention, while the gang is trying to prove to him that its a con-artist's scam to make money.





13. "Yoko, Oh No!"
Its another Battle of the Bands contest and while the gang tries to beat out Total Defiance, Lorena wants in on the action. But she has no ear (or voice) for music.





14. "Boyz R Us"
When Tony's childhood pal Darren, comes to visit him, he tells Tony about their friend JR being in a gang. When they find out that JR's been hurt, the vow to get back at the guys who did it.




15. "The Long Goodbye"
When Allison gets accept to a college prep school, Sly realizes that she's leaving him and he'll be all alone. Trying not to let that happen, he tries to find someone else.





16. "Daddy's girl"
Tiffani uses Marks computer to try and find a date for her father. But it backfires when she finds out he's spending more time with her than with Tiffani.





17. "Winkle/Wicks World"
While working on a project for school, Tony and Sly's TV show "The Goo-Ga-Moo Guys" gets picked up by a local station. As the show becomes a hit, both of them want all the credit and puts a strain on their friendship.