Episode Guide | Season 4
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1. "Babe Watch"
Tony tries to get a part in the TV show, "Babe watch" that's filming on the beach.  While he charms the producer, the leading man is charming Sam and Tony's jealous.





2. "Family Tree"
When the group has to do a family tree project, Tony can only find that he comes from slaves. Ashamed, he makes up his past to impress his friends.





3. "Harley and the Marlboro Man"
When Jake's favorite uncle, Uncle Frank comes to town, he gets Jake hooked on smoking, which the group tries to get him to quit. Meanwhile, Sly and the gang found a box of money on the beach and try to decide what to do with it.




4. "Rebel Without a Name"
When a new guy, Tommy Keating, goes around bad- mouthing Jake, he challenges him to a race during Safety Week. When Jake wrecks his bike, he gets scared and Tommy strips Jake of his leather jacket.





5. "Two Too Much"
Jake and Lorena realize that they don't have much in common anymore, and Jake also realizes that he still has feelings for Tiffani and would like to start dating her again.





6. "My Valentine"
Valentine's Day reminds Tony that Sam will only be in the country for a few more months, so that prompts him to propose to her so that they will stay together. The band tries to talk them out of making a big mistake.




7. "Fallen Idol"
Jake's idol, Zane Walker, comes to town trying to write a new song. The Jake and the gang tries to get him to help them get discovered, but Jake gets burned when his idol steals a song from him.





8. "Principal Tiffani"
Tiffani is named principal of the week, and the gang decides to have cut day from exams while she's in charge.






9. "The Dateless Game"
Jake goes on a dating game show for charity. But when he finds out he won a date, he has to find a way to keep it from Tiffani.






10. "Secret Admirer"
When Sly finds out that a girl he use to make fun of in grade school is willing to pay big money for a band, Sly pretends to like her to get the gig.





11. "Old"
Sly makes fun of the "Senior Surfers", a group of senior citizens who came to town. But when he has a dream that he is old, he changes his mind about the way he he's been treating them.





12. "Community Service"
The group decides to work for charity: Sam is for the blood drive, Lorena is for donating items for homeless people, Jake and Tony do "Meals On Wheels", Mark cleans up the beach and Sly and Tiffani work at a Teen help line, but Sly has other plans to help himself get a date.




13. "Woo-ops"
When Sam receives a new credit card, she goes overboard on her spending and can't pay back the money. He father threatens to send her back home, so the group helps Sam earn the money to pay her bill.




14. "Operation Tony"
After Sly caused Tony to hurt his shoulder, Tony has to face surgery. Afraid to go under the knife, Tony dreams that he will never make it out alive. Lorena volunteers as candy stripper to get a date from a cute doctor.




15. "Defending Sly's Life"
The gang is in court to prove that Slst selfish person y is the moon the earth. They try his case by flashing back to past episodes.






16. "Lorena's Place"
To impress a guy, Lorena turns the loft into a poetry coffee house because he only likes serious girls who like poetry. When she gives him a poem that her father wrote for her mother, she has to find a way to get it back.




17. "Dancing Isn't Everything"
When Lorena's dance partner is injured, Sly steps in to take his place. Tony and Jake discuss who should be in charge of the band