Episode Guide | Season 5
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1. "Stand By Your Man"
When Tiffani helps Jake find a job as a mechanic, she discovers that Mel is not a guy, but a beautiful woman. She then becomes jealous and thinks Jake's cheating on her so she disguises her self as a guy to check up on him.




2. "Shaken, Rattled and Rolled"
When the gang's been hit with an earthquake, Tony become shaken and scared. The gang tries to convince Tony that with the right preparation for one, he'll be fine. Tony's thinking about moving to his aunt and uncles house where earthquakes don't exist.




3. "Honest Sly"
Sly gets a job as a used car salesman and when Sam tries to buy her a car, he sells her a lemon. He then tries to get Sam's money back and learns a lesson.





4. "Mop 'N' Pop"
When Jake's dad gets laid off from his job, he finds work as the school's janitor. When Sly starts to make fun of Jake, he tries to get his father's job back and warns Sly to back off.





5. "Dis-honored"
To get into the Honor Society, Tony cheated on his test.  The rest of the guys enter a photography contest.






6. "Reel Teens"
Jake gets picked to do a TV show called "Reel Teens" and discuss how teenager's relate to stress, school, and life.






7. "Father Knows Bets"
As Sly feels he's not important to his father, he starts gambling. When he goes so far as to loss the bands' equipment, the gang must get father and son back together.





8. "Letters from Woo"
Sam makes a video letter to her uncle back in China about how life's going in America.






9. "Senior Prom"
Tiffani and Jake and Tony and Sam fight over who should be Prom King and Queen.  Mark gets dumped before the prom, and Sly books a gig on the same night as their Prom.  Then the gang gets stranded in the woods on the way to their Senior Prom.




10. "Love Letters"
Lorena has a secret admirer who's writing her love letters. It turns out its Sly, and Jake helps him to tell her the truth. Then someone takes the credit for his work, and Sly is trying to let her know how he feels.





11. "The Graduation"
To impress a girl, Mark convinces Lorena to have a graduation party, including beer. Mark is too drunk to drive, and Tony and Jake try to stop him. Mark drives anyway landing the girl in the hospital and Mark in jail. Meanwhile, Jake and Tiffani have to work on a project to be able to graduate on time.




12. "A Band Divided"
Lorena and Sly fight over who will be the Dreams' Manager.







13. "The Last Gig"
Everyone is planning on attending college and moving on, so there would be no more band.  Sam is going to Oxford in England to study physics, Mark is going to Julliard in New York to play piano, Tiffani is going to the University of Hawaii to study marine biology and Lorena and Sly would be attending Pacific University.  Jake wanted the band to say together and hope that they will be discovered.  

When a record promoter is interested in signing only Jake, he doesn't want the band to break up.  Everyone else wants to move on and go to college, but the band has been Jake's dream more than anyone else.  They finally realize that they are leaving and each say good-bye as they head on their separate ways.