California Dreams - TV Soundtrack (Official Track listing)

This Time (4:08) One World   (4:26)
Castles On Quicksand (3:57) If You Lean on Me (3:57)
Everybody's Got Someone (3:54) If It Wasn't For You (3:16)
It's Gonna Be Rain (4:07) Love Is Not Like This (3:47)
Let Me Be The One (4:07) Heart Don't Lie (3:47)
If You Only Knew (5:07) California Dreams Theme Song  (3:11)

All songs listed are from my copy of the "California Dreams Anthology" in the order they appear on the CD -- this does not mean this is the official track list since "TV versions" of songs were added to this disc set. 
-- many thanks to Aaron D. for these!

Disc 1 Disc 2
Theme Song (Season 1-2) (3:14) Theme Song (Season 3-5) (2:59)
Into The Tube (4:00) Take It Higher (3:43)
This Time (4:11) Whenever I Think of You (5:04)
Castles On Quicksand (3:59) Do Something (Change Is In Your Hand) (3:33)
Everybody's Got Someone (3:56) Way We Are (Mark) (2:35)
It's Gonna Be Rain (4:10) Anytime (3:53)
Let Me Be The One (4:09) Must Be Love (Mark) (3:36)
One World   (4:29) Born to Love You (4:37)
If You Lean on Me (3:58) Stand Together (3:51)
If It Wasn't For You (3:14) Handle It With Care (3:53)
Love Is Not Like This (3:49) Lets Spend Some Time Together (4:09)
Heart Don't Lie (3:48) Someone To Hold Onto (3:40)
If You Only Knew (5:13) Next Big Thing (2:25)
Welcome to Low Road (4:37) Tough Love (2:58)
Must Be Love (Matt)** (2:32) What Would I Do (Without You) (4:25)
Stand Back (3:36) Too Much To Dream (2:21)
Mama Said (3:57) Till The End (2:41)
Way We Are (Matt)** (2:33) Never Give Up (3:40)
I'm There (2:59) Tell Her I'll Be Waiting (4:54)
Foolish (2:33) She's Not You (Jake) (2:34)
What Will I Do With My Heart (3:40) So Glad I Was There (3:00)

** TV Version - no studio version available (Matt's "1..2..3...4" and / or clapping)
# Many thanks to Russell (
) for this song clip of Matt singing "She's Not You"!

(Below: Not on albums; TV show only)

Leather and Loose (Jake) ** NEW! She's Not You (Matt)#