"My Valentine"
(Lorena, Mark, Sam sitting at table and Jake and Tiffani walk in and sit at table)

Tiffani: Hi guys.

Mark & Sam: Hey 
                                          (Enter Sly in a cupid's costume)

Sly: (Shooting Nerf gun) Baboom your in love, Baboom your in love.

Tony: Sylvester that's a good look for you although you might wanna 
accent it with some high heels. (Tony laughs)

Sly: Go ahead and laugh now but you guys said if I dressed up like cupid ya'll 
would play the Valentines Day Dance.

Jake: No we said we wouldn't play at the dance even if you did dress up like cupid.

Sly: Great so I dressed up like this for nothing 

Tiffani: Forget about the Dreams playing Sly Jake and I want to dance at 
the dance not play at the dance.

Sam: Yeah and this is my first Valentines Day with Tony we wanna celebrate 
are seven months of happiness.

Tony: Hey 210 days of bliss

Sam: 5,3600 hours of joy.

Sly: More like 2 million seconds of nazzuia Valentines Day feh.

Tiffani: Hey Valentines Day isn't feh its the commicalism that is everyone is 
caught up in who has the biggest chocolate heart.

Jake:  Yeah that's why we're just giving each other homemade cards.

                                     (Tiff smiles and kisses Jake)

Lorena: Your both broke huh 

Jake & Tiff: Yeah 

Sly: Let me get  this straight you guys are putting love in front of making money.

Tony: Course we are

Gang: Yeah 

Sly: You leave me know choice I must kill you all (Shooting nerf gun)

Jake: Hey Mark is that a Valentine I see.

Tony: Yeah who's it from?

Mark: Uh Mark Winkle does not kiss and tell lets just say she's really hot okay.

Sly: (Clears Throat)

Mark: Hey 

Sly: (reading valentine) To my cuddly little valentine love mommy

                                 (Sly, Tony and Jake laughs)

Tony: Hey how did you get into his locker

Sly: Oh I know the combination to every locker in school.

Jake: Yeah right prove it.

Sly: Okay your locker has biker babe calendars, twelve greasy combs and 
a really lame valentine gift to Tiffani.

Jake: You stay out of my.....you really think its lame.

Tony: Yeah okay Sly what about my locker you know the.

Sly: 6 right 36 left 42 right but I stay away from your locker it's like 
Samantha Woo world.

Tony: Okay man big deal I love Sam she's the most hand holding heart 
thumping that makes Whitney Houston look like a bag lady girlfriend there 
is see that's why I'm breaking the bank to get her Valentines Day present.

Mark: Oh that sounds great Tony, what are you gonna get her?

Tony: I'm getting a 14kt. Heart shaped locket with the inscription 
Tony & Sam GOO-GA-MOO forever think she'll like it.

Mark: Ah absolutely I got my mom a locket last year she loved it.

Guys: Oh 

Mark: Hey laugh now but I'm the only one with extra ding dongs in his lunch bag.

Jake: Man Tony why did you have to get her a gold locket now that makes 
my poem look really lame.

Sly: Uh at least it will match the card.

Jake: I gotta scrape up some cash and at least get her some flowers or something.

Tony: Yeah (bell rings) later

Sly: Hey Tony I don't get it why waist your money Sam's an exchange 
student she's going back to Hong Kong after graduation.

Tony: Hey man your right that means we only have four months left and one of 
them is February the short one.

Sly: Yeah and you don't wanna throw away your heart on a short term 
investment do you.

Tony: Hey hey hey me and Sam are not a short term thing we're work it out 
we're call we're write.

Sly: Yeah sure that's what they all say then the excuses start I'll call you tomorrow 
it cost to much I gotta watch Kung Fu re-runs I've seen it a million times.

Tony: You have

Sly: Course I have before you know it Samantha Woo is gonna be thinking 
        Tony who while locking lips with Satchwan Bill.

Tony: Man your right Sylvester I've gotta do something there's no way I'm gonna 
           loose Sam.
                                                 (Lorena's Loft)

Tony:  Here she comes everybody hide.

Gang: Surprise

Sam: Oh my gosh oh my gosh but my birthday is in April what's going on?

Tony: Happy Valentines Day 

Sam: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh but Valentines Day is tomorrow.

Tony: Ah today is tomorrow in China.

Sam: Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh

Tony: Are you guys ready? Sam sometimes it's hard for me to tell you how 
much I love you that's why I wrote this song it's all about the way I feel about you okay now this comes a hundred percent from me only ah Jake singing it.

Jake: 1.2.3..
                             (Singing What Would I Do (Without You)

(Candy and flowers) For my valentine (Minutes and hours) You stay on my mind (Romance and love songs) I'm down on my knees (Promise you will belong) oh to only me But that's just a start What I'm trying to say I'd give you my heart But it's yours anyway

CHORUS: What would I do without you To me you're the meaning of The meaning of love And I'll always be true Forever with you It just isn't long enough What would I do without

your kisses and your tender touch I love you I love you I love you so much Baby there's something I want you to know I'm gonna die if you ever go (guitar solo) CHORUS (2x) without you

Sly: Wow that's what I call a perfect valentines day gift. Tiffani: Yeah a love song it so romantic. Sly: No I meant it didn't cost a dime. Sam: Oh Tony I that was the best valentine I've ever gotten Tony: Yeah that's only half the gift now you know how your going back to Hong Kong in June. Sam: Yeah I try not too think about it really bums me out. Tony: Yeah me to I love you so much I don't want us to ever be apart. Sam: I don't want that either I want us to always be together. Tony: Well I've been thinking about and um I believe I believe I found away. Sam: Really what is it I'll do anything not to be away from you. Tony: Samantha Woo will you marry me. Gang: What? Sam: Of course I will Lorena: Hey you guys seen Tony & Sam we've got to show them that getting married at our age is ridiculous. Sly: Well Tony is still here. Mark: Ah how can you tell? Sly: He's lunch is still here um meat loaf ah hhh Tabasco. Tony: Uh huh caught you Sylvester now try the potato salad I dear you. (Mark throws Sly a bottle of water) Lorena: Listen you two your not serious about getting married are you? It will be a huge mistake. Tiffani: Yeah love is one thing but marriage is a major decision you can't just rush into it. Sam: Don't worry guys all that matters is that I Love Tony I love the way he opens doors for me. Tony: I do that. Sam: And I love how he holds me during a really scary movie. Tony: I do that. Sam: And I love how he can make a sentence go on forever. Tony: I do so what are you trying to say I'm just a running at the mouth adjective eating laughing like a hyena I do that. Jake: Get real you two you can't tell me that you wouldn't be doing this if Sam wasn't going back to Hong Kong. Tony: Well maybe not now but someday. Sam: Any ways you guys are missing the point we don't want to risk losing each other in June this way we're never have to be apart. Tiffani: Yeah but where are you gonna live how are you gonna support yourself? Sly: And most importantly are you gonna hire the Dreams to play at your wedding? You know there's big bucks in Holy matrimony. Gang: Sly Tony: Don't worry about us guys we're be fine I'll work full time at Sharkey's so between that and the band I'll have more than enough money. Sam: Yeah and I'll get a job to besides it doesn't matter where we live just as long as we have each other. Tony: Right so it will be our never ending honeymoon and everyday I promise to carry my blushing bride over the thresh hold. Jake: Get real man I mean your arms are gonna get tired after the first day you wanna know what its gonna be like this is what its gonna be like. (Gang Dreaming) Sam: Hey Tony aren't you gonna carry me over the thresh hold. Tony: Why you've got legs use them, Sam I need a clean shirt now didn't you do the landuary. Sam: You want it a clean shirt (spits on shirt) here its clean satisfied. Tony: Oh what your not even gonna iron this. Sam: Oh look at the time the gangs coming to visit look at this place. Tony: Yeah look at it I thought you were gonna clean this place up after I got done with my double shift at Sharkey's. Sam: Well excuse me I just finished a triple shift at the car wash. I inhaled so much turle wax I could sneeze out a candle...but you don't hear me complaining. Tony: Oh no not to me but your always on the phone with your momma (talking Chinese) Sam: Well at least my mother doesn't come by and say you little hussy you stole the best years of baby's life. (The gang walks in) Sam & Tony: (yelling at each other) Hi come on in sit anywhere. Jake: Uh no we're just stand. Mark: Listen guys we really miss you are you sure you won't rejoin the Dreams. Tony: Sorry man we can't now that we can't depend on making money with the band now that we're married we need something more solid. Sam: Yeah we've got rent, food, clothes. Tony: Not to mention one huge phone bill to China. Sam: Don't start with me Tony. Tony: I didn't start anything. (Tony & Sam yelling at each other) (Dream ends) Jake: That's what it will be like. Sam: Don't worry guys worse comes to worse we're move in with Tony's parents right Tony, you did tell them right. Tony: Ding, Ding, Ding oh was that the lunch bell Black O Peas today yummy yummy yum. Sam: Freeze Tony you promised me you would tell them about us getting married I can't believe you lied to me. Tony: Oh it's not like I lied II I Sly: Chickened out Tony: Yeah no Sam: Tony if you can't tell your parents about your fiancee then your obivisiuoly not mature enough to get married. Tony: I am mature really I am I just didn't want them to ground me. Sam: You clearly don't take this relationship seriously and that could only mean one thing (crying) you don't really love me. Tony: No No Sam I do love you Sly's right I'm a chicken (making chicken noise) Lorena: Uh geez Sam I'm surprised your parents took it so well. Sam: (still crying) well well well yeah yeah Tiffani: You didn't tell them did you. Sam: Well well well No Tony: (crying) you don't love me Jake: Stop it you guys your being ridicules. Tiffani: Yeah your being immature you not communicating not being honest you can't base a marriage on that. Sam: Forget marriage you can't base a relationship on that. Tony: Yeah your right so maybe we shouldn't even be together at all. (Sam & Tony yelling at each other) Lorena: Calm down that's not what we meant. Sam: No Tony right I'm better off in Hong Kong. Tiffani: Tony say something Tony: I can't there's nothing to say (Lorena's Loft) Tiffani: Just because you and Tony shouldn't get married doesn't mean you have to break up. Lorena: Yeah you just going from one extreme to another to avoid being hurt in June. Sam: Your wrong Tony doesn't really love me that's why I'm giving him back his junk. Lorena: Sam your making a terrible mistake Sam: No Lorena there is no way I want a single reminder of Tony around. Lorena: No I meant this is my buns of steel video. Tony: Hi Sam here you go that's everything Sam: Hey Tony these are your lucky drum sticks there a gift you don't have to give them back. Tony: No No that's okay Sam I rather not have them around, hey isn't this the ankle bracelet I gave you for our one month anniversary. Sam: Ah uh remember how you hid it in my Sharkey burger. Tony: Yeah good thing Tiff knew the hemilich maneuver, here take it. Tony: I've gotta go Sam: Me too (Sam & Tony walk out looking at each other) Tiffani: Ah man it's Valentines Day we've gotta get those two back together. (Valentines Day Dance) Lorena: Oh this is perfect when Sam and Tony see all this romance they can't help to get back together, hey Sam Happy Valentines Day Sam. Sam: Yeah yeah lets just get this over with. Mark: Hey Tony over here. Tony: Hey what's with the DJ I thought you said we were gonna play. Lorena: Oh ah you go on after the DJ so ah doesn't Sharkey's look great pretty romantic uh. Gang: Uh Tony: Oh I get it you guys are scamming us. Sam: Yeah what did you think we're see all these happy couples and want to get back together. Gang: No course not, well yeah we tried. Lorena: You two are so scared of loosing each other you can't enjoy what you have right now. Mark: Yeah you've forgotten what real love is its uh well check out Jake and Tiff now that's real love. Tiffani: Here you go Jake I wanted to show you how much I love you. Jake: A classic Harley Patch I love it I love it. Tiffani: You hate it Jake: No No I uh.. sold my jacket to get your gift but it's worth it. Tiffani: A wet suite oh no I sold my surfboard to pay for the Harley emblem. Jake: This is kinda cool huh Tiffani: Yeah we love each other so much we sacrificed our most special possessions. Jake and Tiffani: I want mine back Sam: Oh yeah that was real romantic. Tony: Yeah nice try guys later I'm out of here. Sly: This is stupid (pushes DJ out of the way), here's a special request for all you couples out there may you Goo-Ga-Moo forever. (Playing What Would I Do (Without You)) Tony: How about one last dance I mean just for old times sake. Sam: Well okay just for old time sake (Starts Dancing) boy Tony I really love this song it's beautiful. Tony: Not as beautiful as the person I wrote for Sam & Tony: Listen Sam: You go first Tony: I mean the gang was right maybe I only ask you to marry me because I was so a afraid of loosing you. Sam: I know my stomach gets in knots every time I think of being without you but their right we're not ready for marriage. Tony: I know we still have four months to work something out. Sam: Yeah and even if I do go back we can always write and I promise to call. Tony: Yeah me too you just make sure you stay away from anyone named Satchwan Bill. Sam: What? Tony: Nothing Happy Valentines Day Sam I Love You. Sam: I Love You too. (They Hug)